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6 Months in Stainles  steel tank



Smeel  wine ,with floral  notes and fresh red  fruits ; smooth and  refreshing   on the palate ..

 Rose 9  Invites  us to enjoy  the simplicity

and frankness of its  varietals; offering    us  a friendly  and  sincere   character,as  in traditional  numerology,it  is  its  origin ,in  rainfed  vineyards  located  on the old  southem  route ,what  really matter and expreses its true value .


Sierra vita : adheres to symbiotic viticulture practices,without  the application of pesticides and tradicional  plowing ,reducing the use  of tractors;


Harvesting  and shelling by hand ,with shelling  by 

hand,with correction  -free vinification.

Sierra Vita Rose 9

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