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Sangiovese 100%


View: Wine of a red-cherry color, with ruby ​​hues, clean in appearance.


Nose: shows notes of red fruits; cherries, strawberries, raspberries. Some tertiary aromas are also shown, such as caramel and vanilla, product of its rest in American oak wood.


Mouth:  It presents itself with a soft attack, with moderate and pleasant tannins, highlighted by its great acidity, an aspect that characterizes the vine and which gives it great freshness. Its finish is with a light and dry aftertaste, with a good Alcohol/Acidity ratio.


Pairing :A wine that perfectly accompanies crepes, vegetable salads, seasonal soups and creams, white fish such as cod, sauces, fresh cheeses, poultry and pasta in general.

Vino de la Reina . Sangiovese 2021

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