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100% Shiraz  

13% alcohol 

Intense ruby  red wine   with  fruity aromas  of black  plum  as well as spicy accets of black  peper and roasted  cocoa . intense expresssion  in the mouth  with good permanence  and tannis  , ideal  to accompany  strucctured dishes such as spicy  moles and fine cuts of meat .


sierra vita :

 adheres  to Symbolic  viticulture  practices ,without the application  of pesticides  and tradicional ,

plowing  reducing  the    use of tractor     ; carrying  out  the harvest  by hand ,with vinification  free of 

 manipulation   or corrections. 


sierra inyaa:   is  a recognition  of the  greatness of our land , it responds  to the  name  of the first  california  condor chick  born in capitivity. a  deformation  of the  word  sun  in the kiliwa languague. like the varietal,our native  communinities  preserve  their character and tell ther origin,through  our label ,we invite you  to know  their history .   

Sierra Vita INYA

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