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65% Cabernet Sauvignon.

35% Merlot.


View : It is a clean and bright wine, of high intensity, cherry red color with purple hues.


Nose:  In the olfactory phase it is a frank wine with a high aromatic intensity. Some very marked primary aromas stand out, standing out the notes of blackberries and ripe red fruits, mainly currants, cherries and plums. Among the tertiary aromas, wood, vanilla, licorice, cocoa and smoked are the most prominent. The aromatic profile is complex and of quality.


Mouth: The attack on the palate is smooth, with fresh acidity and warm alcohol. The tannin is smooth and the body is round. The aroma in the mouth reaffirms what was detected in the nose, mainly red fruits, wood and blackberries, now white pepper, balsamic, smoked and roasted coffee beans are enhanced. It is a very balanced wine and persists in the senses, especially the palate.


Pairing: Ideal for fine cuts of meat, stews, suckling pig, lasagna, sausages and cheeses, among others. For Mexican gastronomy, it accompanies very well mole poblano enchiladas, as well as marinades.

Monte Xanic. Cabernet - Merlot 2021

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