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  100% Pinot Noir

View : It has a medium-high color intensity, a cherry red tone and violet hues that denote youth. It is a very well presented wine, clean, clear, bright and luminous. It presents a good density indicative of a good generosity of alcohol.


Nose: A Pinot Noir with a sublime personality is shown. Fruity and floral aromatic families stand out, such as strawberries, raspberries, cherries and notes of jamaica and violets. The presence of oak is a discreet adornment that complements and enriches the aromatic expression.

 Mouth : A fresh, friendly and balanced wine is enjoyed. Medium flavor intensity, dry taste, long permanence, with fine and soft tannins that do not show bitter or astringent sensations and rich acidity that enhances its freshness.

Pairing : This wine is recommended with medium intensity dishes such as some pasta, veal, suckling pig, quail, lobster, fish with sauce and medium power cheeses.

Barisal Pinot Noir 2019

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