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70% Merlot 

15 % Cabernet sauvignon

15 % Grenache 

View: a red-vermello wine of medium intensity with orange hues is perceived. clean, bright and luminous indicative of a healthy wine. high density that can be seen through its thick, well-defined legs that slowly descend.

 Nose: A wine with a pleasant complexity is enjoyed. dominance of fruity and floral, red fruits entering maturation, plum, cassis and jamaica. in the background they harmoniously accompany the notes of wood and spices such as pepper, cinnamon and a touch of clove.

Mouth: medium-high body wine, dry taste, long permanence and moderate tannic expression; Pleasantly balanced, it presents all its fruity character in the aftertaste and has a delicate and excellent finish on the palate.

pairing: dishes of medium to good power, pork, veal, ostrich, quail, sausages, pasta with intense sauce and some cuts of beef and lamb.

Barisal Mezcla Tintos

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