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 VIEW: Straw yellow color of good intensity with golden tones that indicate maturity. It is a presented, clean, sharp, bright and luminous wine that presents good density through thick legs that go down slowly and that indicate a certain generosity in the alcohol.

 NOSE: Enjoy a fragrant aroma, interesting and authentic. Extroverted fruity character, with tropical notes.
like melon, peach, pineapple and red apple. It is a harmonious aroma very integrated with the part of the alcohol. 

 Mouth: wine with a dry taste, rich acidity, long permanence, long permanence, well-expressed fruity aftertaste, very harmonious and integrated, medium body and with a different personality because it is a white wine from a red varietal.

Pairing: This wine is recommended with medium power dishes. Seafood such as oysters, clams, abalone, lobster and white meat fish with medium intensity sauces. It is also a perfect wine to pair with vegetables, salads and pasta with seafood.

Barisal Calle Once Blanc de Noirs 2023

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