Varieties: 100% Barbera. Aged 15 month in French oak.

Valle de Guadalupe


Tasting Notes: Intense and clean with delicate notes of cinnamon and fresh plum. Excellent aromatic development that reflects an impeccable wine-making process. The balance with the barrel is very nice; you can smell the fruit accompanied by spicy notes like cinnamon, cardamon and cocoa. This wine is aromatically very interesting and highly complex. With a clean attack, excellent balance in acidity, astringency and fruitiness, very good body and structure. Long permanence, great body, very nice and rich expression.


Food Pairing: We recommend this wine with intense dishes such as cabrito (goat), carnitas, deer, rabbit, venison, juicy meats and corpulent pastas and Mole. Best enjoyed with food.

Alximia. Pira 2016